Distinguished Leaves - Poems for Tea-lovers

It started with a pot of loose leaf tea at a poetry evening way back in 2010 and a growing love affair with those strange objects - teapots! Exploring the tea universe led me to Earl Grey [and Nigel Havers] and that renegade monk Lapsang Souchong - teas who took control of my writing. Poetic descriptions brewed and a book which the public seemed to like...

'What I love about this book is that just as a tea jumps out of my tea cupboard every morning to greet me; each tea poem takes on its persona to greet you too!'

May King Tsang, Tea Reviewer, Australia

Distinguished Leaves: Poems for tea-lovers' pub Quiller, 2011 has sold over 8,000 copies. The learning curve of a one woman show as part of the book tour and the sales side of publishing was vertical and I had ridiculous expectations! A series of  'tea trails' were mapped out - all about tea. They drowned and I was floundering. In Spring 2014 after being in a near head-on car crash  - apart from the ecstatic joy of being alive - a phrase repeated itself again and again... 'the tea party is over'
. Although an interpretation of the Tao de Ching in terms of the tea metaphor has surfaced, it is not ready for pouring yet.

So for now indeed the tea party is almost over.  If you would like to enjoy a final infusion - in memory of my former husband Robin Jones - come and join me at St Ives Library on Friday 16th September at 3 pm for 'Tea and Cake, A Fine Pair Make'! Tickets (limited to 30) £5.25 as part of St Ives Festival 2016 - booking details to follow.

P.S. There are still a few signed copies of the first edition of 'Distinguished Leaves: Poems for tea-lovers' available - e-mail lizdarcyjones@gmail.com  if you'd like to purchase a  copy! £5 including postage.